FREE Featured

If your ad really sparks our reviewers eyes you will be given a FREE featured listing!

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it means your ad will be in the featured scroll on the top of the ads!

So take those shoes off and get to listing!

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Why do I need to Sign up

You need to sign up to list your classified on our site so we know your a real person and not just someone who thinks it is fun to spam our site with things that your really not going to sell.

Now if we catch you spamming watch out! Because we do have some very very old *Uh Hum* corn drink that you will be required to drink! Trust me you will see pigs fly! Or you will be banned from the site. That’s just the way things work so PLAY NICE!

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Welcome Back

We are so glad you decided to come for a visit.

While your here why not kick those shoes off and list some things that are just cluttering up your yard or barn?

We are offering Free Featured for a limited time ( That’s the scroller at the top ) so take advantage of this.

Heck we may never charge we just haven’t finished thinking about that one yet!

When we start charging for unlimited listing and featured scroll it will only be a very small amount because we are all about you keeping more money in your pockets!

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